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Note:  Classes available for most states. For Classes in your area please call us or use the contact form and we will provide you with that information.  

Tulsa, Oklahoma Instructor 


October, 2018   Tulsa, Oklahoma 74117 8:30AM to 6:30PM Call for details, 800 506-6994

Skaneateles, Syracuse, New York, Instructor Training September 8 -9 2018,  

9AM to 5PM.  Call for details 800 506 6994

Skaneateles (Syracuse), New York

Starting Monday September 10th to Monday October 1st, 6:30 to 8PM.  4 Weeks 

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Skaneateles (Syracuse), New York

Starting Monday October 22 to Monday November 12th, 6:30 to 8PM.  4 Weeks, call for details 

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Private Training:  See "Personal Instruction" Page!

USCCA Certified Instructor Course
Become a USCCA Instructor to teach Concealed Carry personal defense classes.  USCCA Certified Instructor Course.  This nationally recognized USCCA Certification is for experienced shooters or current instructors who desire USCCA Certification.  This course will also certify to apply for membership in International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors.  Requires preparation homework completed online prior to class.  Once you register and pay class fee, we will send you the USCCA eLearning information.  Fees for e-learning and  required toolkit are paid directly to USCCA . (e-Learning $197, Toolkit $277* subject to change) Once required prerequisites  are completed, candidates will attend the class for certification by a Certified USCCA Training Counselor. Candidates who qualify upon completion of this course will be certified.  Remedial training is available but not included in class fee for candidates who fail to qualify. Register now and information will be sent to you to set up your e-Learning and acquire your toolkit prior to training.  

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense
This nationally known course is the flagship course of the United States Concealed Carry Association and is used by many governing agencies around the country as required training for Pistol Permit and Concealed Carry Licenses.  Taught by a USCCA certified instructor, this course is more comprehensive than courses generally required in New York for Pistol Permits.  The course not only addresses handgun training but also carrying a handgun safely and confidently.  In addition the course teaches home defense, how not to be a victim, conflict avoidance, understanding the legal use of force and how to protect yourself legally following a self defensive action.  The course employs state of the art graphics, laser pistol training and a separately scheduled live fire range session.  The course is friendly to the novice shooter as well as to those more experienced in handling a handgun.  The course textbook is required material and includes the graphics and illustrations used in the classroom and more.  It serves as a reference manual to the student after the class.  Students completing the class will receive a USCCA certificate that is recognized by many municipalities as meeting the Pistol safety class requirement for Pistol Permits and Concealed Carry Licenses. Call 1 800 506 6994 or click on the following link for more information.  You may register at this link by pay pal or credit or debit card.  You may also register at the Skaneateles Rod and Gun Club.  Registration required to reserve a place in the class. This USCCA course is taught by a USCCA Certified Instructor. Price Includes Textbook and Range Cost.  Firearms available for range exercise for those who do not have one.