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Typically state licensing requirements may be stringent but the education required to obtain a license is limited to a couple hours of classroom time.  Licensing authorities issuing licenses to people who possess enough knowledge to get themselves into trouble or even potentially fail at successfully defending themselves.  We have worked with people who have been licensed for years, yet never have fired their weapon and some never who even did not purchase a gun because they did not know how to select the right weapon for their needs. Some even have purchased too little or too much of a gun for their abilities or one that was difficult to carry and so they stopped.


Our classes include a textbook and excellent graphics to give the student a comprehensive personal defense plan.  Our hands on instruction at the range is not just "point and shoot" but geared to create a defensive marksman.  We also use laser pistols in some of our training! We hold classes in various places and schedule range sessions after the classroom experience is complete.  We also can assist you in preparing for your license application.

Our Goal: Our goal is to create competently confident citizens who safely become part of a special group of people who bear arms for their protection, the protection of their family as well as for others in their community.  These people will bear arms confidently, competently, inconspicuantly and safely as they go about their daily routines.  Those who target the defenseless will know they exist and will be deterred by this shadow militia against them.


USCCA Trained and Certified Instructors

USCCA Training Counselors*  

* An Instructor Certified to train and supervise new Instructors

In these uncertain times where many are concerned for their safety both at home and in the community, where the defenseless are targeted daily, we have seen the desire on the part of many to protect themselves.  In a society where anti-gun activists' efforts penalizes the law abiding citizens in an attempt to curb crime, the statistics have proven that where Americans do not carry out or are prevented from exercising their constitutional right to bear arms, crime instead increases and does so especially in places where anti gun laws are the strictest.  The targets of terrorists and mass shooters are  "gun free zones" such as schools and public buildings.  This  makes sense from their vantage point!  Nearly 90% of all casualties since Columbine have been in Gun Free Zones!

It was the vision of our founder to provide comprehensive home and personal defense training which includes learning to safely handle, maintain and shoot a personal firearm for not only self protection but also for recreation. Its actually fun when safely done!!  We  also encourage range membership.  Our goal is to help you understand how to react before, during and after a firearm is drawn from a holster in a personal defense situation with an emphasis on avoiding such situations.  If required for self defense, we are committed to helping our students exercise "judicious marksmanship"!

Special Note:  Many women desire to learn to carry a weapon but are intimidated by classes of mostly men at the range.  For this reason we have developed women only classes and range instruction.  Private range instruction is also an option and produces the most confident and skilled people.