Which Gun?

The best carry weapon is the one you will carry and can handle efficiently.  We will help you evaluate and chose the right weapon for you!

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Warning:  Don't just settle for a basic pistol course!

In these uncertain times the threat to our safety is greater and assistance from law enforcement is an average 23 minutes away.  We are committed to Personal and Home Defense backed by Knowledge, Wisdom and Judicious Marksmanship if needed!  Train Thoroughly and smart.  There is a fine line between self-defense and jail!

Live Range/Laser Instruction 

Private and class.  Developing confidence in safely handling, carrying and shooting with accuracy. Women only classes available.

Members of and Supporting these vital organizations:

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Providing Classes and Personal hands on instruction for:

Home and Personal Defense/Concealed Carry Firearms , Security Staff Education & Proficiency Training.

Choosing & maintaining the right carry weapon for you;

Private Range Instruction and help obtaining your license. No Experience Necessary...We cater to the Novice!

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) & International Association of Law Enforcement Certified Instructors and Training Counselors;  

Compreshensive Concealed Carry/Home Defense Certified Instruction Classes:

Classes held in various locations See schedule or contact us for a class near you.  Includes Textbook; Instructors Certified by and trained with United States Concealed Carry Association

Endorsed by Sean Hannity-

“As a proud member of the USCCA, I have peace of mind knowing that if I ever have to use my weapon to save the life of my loved one, they will be in my corner." 

​If you ever have to defend yourself with your gun, We have your back!  Click banner below for details!